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Automatic Recovery System
New Runners system .JPG

Runner Course

Kaya Ropes Rock D MIX, 8mm

Color: Red


Runner dyneema, 5mm & 4mm

Liros D-Pro-XTR, 4 mm

Color: Grey

Price: 680€*
4x40mm Tii Allen Block
4x20mm Tii Allen Block
2x30mm Single Allen Block
Each side has shock cord with dyneema strop plus the main runner course tapered both sides. 
Price with installation: 830€*
*All prices with VAT

Liros D-Pro-XTR


Dyneema® SK99 
Construction: 12-plaited


D-Pro-XTR is a 12-plaited braided Dyneema® line with highly durable XTR Grip Coating. Well-suited as a replacement for steel ropes and hard shackles. D-Pro XTR is the ultimate line for applications that require the least stretch.

Kaya Ropes Rock D MIX



Cover: HT Polyester Fiber

Core: Coated Dyneema® SK78



High breaking load 

Low stretch


Comfortable handling 

Excellent UV resistance. 

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